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VTech GearZooz Spin & Laugh Gearaffe

Mix and match gears on the Giraffes to strengthen fine motor skills and enhance imaginative play time
Switching gears and watching how different combinations work together encourages problem solving
Place the animal gears on the Smart pole to hear fun phrases and learn about animals
Press the buttons to learn shapes and colors in both English and Spanish

Mix and match all the gears from GearZooz playsets for an exciting way to be creative while exploring how gears work together. Connect the multi-colored gears on different poles to build motor skills and discover the best ways to get all the gears to move.

The colorful gears can be placed on any of the poles on GearZooz playsets. Turn the handle gears and push or pull the toys along to make the gears spin together.

Adorable Smart Gear animals add to the fun and trigger cute responses, silly songs and sound effects when placed on purple Smart Poles.

Smart Gear animals from any GearZooz set can be placed on the purple Smart Poles to introduce the animal’s name and add fun animal sounds into the songs.


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