Toys to help develop a child’s creativity

During her research, she discovered that toys such as open-ended—crayons, play dough, dress-up clothes, building blocks and musical instruments, provide very rich creative-play opportunities because they encourage experimentation, can be used in a variety of ways, and are used differently every time.

Here’s why every child needs Play-Doh (Plasticine)

Play-Doh can be so messy and annoying, that’s why most mummies don’t like it. It gets all over the place. You’d be walking to the kitchen minding your business and you will just squish a lump underfoot. It gets stuck on furniture, and your little one might decide to have it for breakfast, but here’s some good news – its non-toxic.   I don’t mean it’s safe to swallow but you don’t need to call the ambulance if she chews on it a little…

Teething Remedies

Teething is bothersome for both mother and child. It’s a painful experience and alters the baby’s routine tremendously. I used to listen to mothers complain about how their babies were teething and I’d be thinking “Yeah, so?” I really did assume it was a walk in the park till my little one showed me different. Imagine my shock when she went from being a quiet energizer bunny to being fussy and cranky.